Our Vision

FUJIZOEN Landscape, is one of the leading landscape companies in Japan based in central prefecture of IBARAKI.
Our corporate philosophy is to contribute to society by maintaining the relationship between people and plants. For more than 40 years, we have led the landscape industry by constructing and maintaining major green spaces throughout IBARAKI, including University of Tsukuba and the National Research Institutes. While working closely together with local institutions, we aim to further strengthen the relationships of trust that we have built and will continue to make on going contributions to society.


ZOEN (landscaping) is the tradition that connects people with plants. Understanding the power of plants, we create the harmony essential in our lives.

We have grown steadily by accumulating experience based on the knowledge and wisdom of our predecessors which serves as our foundation. In the process, we have always been encouraged by the growth of the trees that we have planted. We believe that we will continue to stay grounded and accept the various changes of the times, while conveying to the world the unchanging meaning and value of being involved with plants in our lives. Urban planning and landscape design require a far reaching vision as the concepts will continue to develop and grow for a period 10, 20, or even 100 years from now. It is our great pleasure to create a rich landscape with plants for the future of our children and our children's children. It is also our responsibility to protect the global environment and realize a society that fosters a healthy and prosperous mind.

Our mission is to seek high-quality landscaping techniques and to continue to understand and convey the beauty of the landscape nurtured in the local climate. We will contribute to society by embodying the world-class "landscaping" of Japan.

Company Profile

Company name


Representative director CEO

Fujii Inami


January 13, 1966


655 Sanoko, Tsuchiura City,

Ibaraki, Japan Google Map↗︎

Phone:+81-29-821-5438 Fax:+81-29-821-9443


20 million yen

Main Bank

Joyo Bank, Ltd.

Construction permit industry

Specialized construction business
Holder of license #3920 from the governor of
Ibaraki Prefecture

  • Landscape construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Scaffolding and earthwork
  • Masonry
  • Paving

Business content

  1. 1.Landscaping/civil engineering design, construction, and contracting
  2. 2.Contract management of green spaces
  3. 3.Collection and transportation of industrial waste, processing, and recycling of general waste
  4. 4.Sales of civil engineering materials, landscaping materials, recycled materials

Other related facilities

Tsukuba Plant Recycling Center

1884-1 Shinozaki, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Toyosato no Mori WAKURAKU FARM

1-7 Toyosato no Mori, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Qualified Staff

  • 18 - Supervising engineers
  • 20 - 1st Class landscaping construction management engineers
  • 16 - 1st Class civil engineering construction management engineers
  • 11 - 1st Class landscaping technicians
  • 7 - 2nd Class landscaping construction management engineers
  • 7 - 2nd Class civil engineering construction management engineers
  • 7 - 2nd Class landscaping technicians
  • 2 - Arborists
  • 2 - Surveyors
  • 2 - Registered landscaping key technicians